TOPIX Resumes!

On May 31st, we are able to resume TOPIX. It has been some time now and I am sure that the theological questions and thoughts have accumulated; so bring your questions, your Bible, and your mind as we chase the questions wherever they lead.

“What is TOPIX?” you might ask. TOPIX began with the conviction that seminary-level training should not be limited to the academy, but that it belonged to the churches and to those who sat in the pews, who lead the congregation, and who will disciple others in the faith.

TOPIX was originally designed, then, to fill that gap. There are no questions that are considered “off the table” and we dig into any and every question as far as we need to do so, to give an understanding to all. We will not always agree on an answer, but the Bible is our absolute rule and the Confessions are our guides as we think and reason together. Sometimes we pursue a specific topic in more depth for a period of time, but often, we go “from Dan to Beersheba” exploring theological topics and ideas that people have encountered during the week.

The format is casual and conversational in nature. Its purpose is not to be a time of theological debate but of theological exploration. One need not be a member of LORR to be part of TOPIX and one will not be pressured to join LORR through TOPIX (though inquiries are always welcome). Those who have been a part of this group will readily attest that some wonderful friendships have grown around the Word of God through this gathering.

We meet at 7:00 PM at Grace Bible Church in Middle Lancaster: 602 Perry HighwayHarmony, Pennsylvania. We normally wrap up at 9:00 PM (though if you need to leave earlier than that, no offense is taken).

Published by preacherwin

A pastor, teacher, and a theologian concerned about the confused state of the church in America and elsewhere...Writing because the Christian should think Biblically.

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